Some Things You Can't Teach

I have been interviewing some candidates for some positions I've been asked to help fill. What I've come to decide is that there are 2 things every sales person needs but no one can teach.

Responsive Questioning
Weekly.3 [11.12.2012]
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Failure and Mind Games

Why was my mind playing games with my psyche in an effort to make failure have a long lasting, overwhelming effect on how I viewed myself as a person? Because that is what failure does. It creates mind games to get you doubt, fear, and cower. That is failure's purpose, but you can use that to propel you on to something greater.

Enjoy the Challenge...even if you don't get to experience the satisfaction of accomplishement
Enjoying the glory of accomplishment will help you to push through challenges and win. Enjoying participation in the challenges you enter will cause you to be involved in more of them. When you combine those two things, you'll find you are in many more tough situations and that, in many more of them, you are coming out on top.
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Weekly.3 [11.5.2012]

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Failure ≠ Endgame

So something blew up in your face? Don't let the shrapnel of failure work its way into your body and result in the endgame of the death of your sales career. Get treated, rehabbed, and back into the battle.

(Try & Die) > (Same & Lame)

I'd rather be where I am now, having tried and failed, then be where I was, ignorant of where the path would lead. Are you willing to try and die rather than be the same and lame?

Lesson Learned in Snow and Mud

This past weekend I experience one of the greatest days of failure I have ever endured. In the words of my 8 year old son:  Epic Fail. However, I took some lessons home with my piece of humble pie.