Wall of Stimuli

There are certain things people write that are brilliant. A couple types of thought that always seem to cause me to see brilliance are taking a well-known concept one step further and explaining a mundane idea everyone knows in a way that gets me to pause and re-evaluate how I feel about that idea.

This blog post by Seth Godin is brilliant.

It made me think for a second about the volume of my pitch/idea. Is it loud enough to get above the noise in my prospects' lives? To assess your message's volume you need to take into account what they are hearing around them as well as how well they hear. There is a Wall of Stimuli you have to break through and there is a minimum threshold of hearing you have to overcome.

 Wall of Stimuli

Wall of Stimuli

Wall of Stimuli

I just heard on a great Jill Konrath podcast  the average person has 60 hours of work on their desk that they are trying to keep  from growing. The expectations of their boss, their direct reports, their clients, family, friends, church, civic club, soccer team parents, etc. hem them in on all sides. Add to that Angry Birds, Words with Friends, texts, emails, phone calls, tweets, books, e-books, magazines. On top of that there are constant beeps from the computer and their phone(s). 

People are surrounded by a Wall of Stimuli.

Minimum Threshold of Hearing

In addition to the external Wall of Stimuli, there is a person's minimum threshold of hearing. To register on their radar, you have to be above this threshold. That can be accomplished by frequency and volume or it can be accomplished by understanding the weight someone assigns to your message. 

If your message is "save money" and you are talking to a millionaire, $100 is below their minimum threshold of hearing. That is obvious. What is less obvious is when we over-value our message. We think what we are saying important. They might not. If what you say isn't important enough, your message will not be above the minimum threshold. 

Kick Ass Call to Action

Consider how you can break through the Wall of Stimuli.

Once inside, how will you make certain your message exceeds the minimum threshold of hearing?