Sales Process vs. Sales Skill, Pt 1

For the past couple of weeks, I have been developing a sales process to feed my sales team's pipeline with new business. While doing this, I came to some conclusions. One of those conclusions is that sales process and sales skills are not the same. I think many sales professionals confuse those two things, or more accurately, haven't sought to separate them in their thinking. This confusion leads to a lack of development and execution on one of these vital attributes of a Kick Ass Salesperson.


This week I am going to make several posts detailing how Sales Process allows you to use Sales Skills. It is a powerful relationship. Sales Processes keeps your pipeline flowing while Sales Skills make sure flow is in the right direction. Without Process, the pipeline runs dry. Without Skills, your pipeline's outflow leads to the sewer.

This is a fundamental mental distinction you need to make.

You think you are a great sales professional because of your awesome sales skills with clients. However, you never have enough appointments to showcase those skills. You think you are a great sales professional because you have a process that is minutely detailed and constantly tweaked, but you never close enough deals to make your sales career pay off for you and your family. 

There are many places in that continuum, but one thing is for sure. Being able to develop, manage, use, and tweak Sales Processes and Sales Skills as separate entities you are consciously aware of will boost your numbers, relieve your stress, help you be creative, and put money in your bank account.

Drop your idea of what it takes to be a "good" sales professional. Read the posts this week. Separating out Sales Process vs. Sales Skill is what you need to Kick Ass at Sales.