Sales Process vs. Sales Skill, Pt 3

Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the Sales Process vs. Sales Skill Series.

Sales Process is refining a set of tools (email drafts, scripts, brochures, leave-behinds, etc.) which maximize the effectiveness of the actions (emailing, calling, face-to-face visits) you are using to produce desired results.

Delegation, Automation, Liberation, Capitalization


Once you settle on specific actions and when they occur, delegation becomes possible. What would you pay per week to have your calendar packed out (better question: what would your company pay to have you booked solid)? If all it takes is a person to work your process, anyone can do it -- or parts of it.

For example, let's say my appointment setting process is to send a mailing and follow up with a voicemail, then send an email, then do a cold call in-person, then follow that up with an amazing offer and some research, etc.. For each step, I would prepare the tool the action required:  awesome mailing, voicemail script, email draft, cold call elevator pitch and leave-behind, offer email draft with iinks.

I use the same tool every time a prospect enters into the stage of the process when that tool's action takes place. Except for the in-person cold call, why can't I just have someone else push those buttons, read those scripts, address those mailers, etc.?

Why are you not doing that already? Probably because you haven't written out your process, decided on your actions, and developed your tools. I can't encourage you more to do that immediately. 

Here's an awesome side benefit. Once your brain is free from constantly remembering and/or figuring out your processes and you are just doing what you have pre-determined is the best course of action, all of a sudden you are better in your sales call. Why? Your brain is free and open for creativity, rather than being bogged down and closed because it doesn't want to add to its already impossible task of juggling all the stuff you are keeping up there.  Your curiosity expands. Your ability to make connections increases. You are engaged in the sales call.

Bring it back to Shower-time

It's time to make your sales process like your shower-time routine. Put that boring, mundane, repetitive stuff on automatic so you can engage your mind in the creative and fun parts of your job. This defines this series of posts: Sales Process vs. Sales Skill. 

Sales Process allows you to use your Sales Skills.

Sales Process keeps your pipeline flowing while Sales Skills make sure it's flowing in the right direction.