Weekly.3 [10.25.2012]

Every post this week summarized in 3 sentences.

I will be continuing the Sales Process vs. Sales Skills Series into next week.

Sales Process vs. Sales Skills, Pt 1

  1. Many sales professionals confuse Sales Process and Sales Skill, or more accurately, haven't sought to separate them in their thinking.
  2. Without Process, the pipeline runs dry. Without Skills, your pipeline's outflow leads to the sewer.
  3. Being able to develop, manage, use, and tweak Sales Processes and Sales Skills as separate entities you are consciously aware of will boost your numbers, relieve your stress, help you be creative, and put money in your bank account.

Sales Process vs. Sales Skills, Pt 2

  1. What would happen if you had a sales process that you could work the same way every time which led to a forecastable desired result?
  2. Process takes your Effort and exponentializes it.
  3. To change your sales career right now, do this: ... (Sorry, gotta click to the post!)

Sales Process vs. Sales Skills, Pt 3

  1. Once you settle on specific actions and when they occur, delegation becomes possible.
  2. As your brain is freed from constantly remembering and/or figuring out your processes and you are just doing what you have pre-determined is the best course of action, all of a sudden you are better in your sales call.
  3. Sales Process allows you to use your Sales Skills.