Sales Process vs. Sales Skill, Pt 5

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Wondering how to lead a conversation without talking the most?


Are You the All-Star or the Clubhouse Guy of the Conversation?

It's like being the "clubhouse guy."

It is always hard for me to imagine that some Joe on the bench can be a leader, but it is always the case. There is someone who emotionally, spiritually, under-the-radar-ly is a leader, and without them, the team would not have made it through the second game of the league championship series.

That's what you need to be in your sales calls. The clubhouse guy. The guy that leads without being noticed. The guy all the stars might not appreciate but definitely benefit from. That takes true skill. That takes selflessness and a mindset of doing what it takes for everyone to win (except your competition, of course!).

Are you the All-Star or the Clubhouse Guy of the conversation? Noone wants to hear an interview of the Clubhouse Guy, just like no client (the All-Star) wants to hear you do all the talking. Ultimately, it is the play of the guy on the field that determines the outcome of the game; your clients just need help making sure they are inspired enough that you win.

Do come with questions. Make sure they are the right questions. Make sure they are good question. But, make sure you bring your curiosity. Being curious will help you go deeper than any scripted list will. Being curious makes you a Clubhouse Guy. Being curious allows you to lead the conversation without being the one who talks the most. It will help the person across the table be the All-Star, so you can win the game.

Don't forget...the Clubhouse Guy is on the 2nd year of a 3 year $10,000,000 "middling" contract and he gets a ring, too. It ain't so bad to be a clubhouse guy!

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