Sales Process vs. Sales Skill, Pt 6

To review before we go into the last part of this series, Sales Process is a set of actions that occur in a sequence to achieve a desired result. Sales Process is the spigot that turns on the flow of deals in your pipeline. Process makes your Effort ultra-productive (Part 2). Process gives you ample opportunity to use Sales Skills.

Sales Skills are what you do in the sales call to steer your client toward your solution, to get them to believe what you believe. If Effort + Curiosity + Ability to Make Connections = Kick Ass Sales, then Curiosity and Making Connections are Sales Skills. We've talked about curiosity already in Part 4 of this series.

Waiting for a Connection


When you fly, do you try to go direct? Of course you do. The airlines know you want to do it, so they charge you more for it. Everyone hates to wait for connections.

Unfortunately, there are more and more people waiting for connections (and not just in airports). Prospects everywhere are waiting to see if there is a connection between their problem and the solution being presented to them.

I have a theory that because, in today's world of Facebook and extremely tight-focused apps, services, ads, etc., so many connection are basically being made for people that their ability to do so on their own is slowly fading away.

You think it is obvious why they should buy from you. It is obvious. Guess what? They still don't get it. Until you give them an "Add Friend" or "Like" button, they are going to sit there and wait for you to make the connection for them.

To make a connection, you need to know what their problems are (external curiosity) and what your solutions are (internal curiosity). You have to have the brain power to match those up on the fly. You have to be so immersed in your solutions that the mere mention of a solvable problem causes you to jump out of your seat with excitement. 

Stop waiting for the clients in your sales calls to make the connection. Make it for them. Spell it out in clear and simple language. Make sure to say the obvious. That Sales Skill will cause your pipeline to flow into the money pit, rather than the sewer pit.