Sales Philosophy Breakdown: Curiosity, Pt. 3

This is the last pots on Curiosity as it relates to the Kick Ass Sales Philosophy:  Effort + Curiosity + Ability to Make Connections = Kick Ass Sales. 


External Curiosity

So far, we have mostly dealt with what I term as External Curiosity. External Curiosity is your desire to know more about someone external to you and your company. It's caring about your customers, wondering about who they are, and asking questions to find out -- not to get the sale, but because you really want to know.

Internal Curiosity

The other part of curiosity you need to Kick Ass at Sales is Internal Curiosity. Do you have a desire to know what is going on with you, your products, your company, your processes, your suppliers, etc.?

Do you want to know why you always seem to be unable to overcome a price-based objection? Do you wonder why your products are the way they are and how they fit into the ecosystem of your territory? What does your company care about and how do they show it? Are you processes streamlined and effective? Why is your supplier able to do business with you?

These are questions you need to ask yourself, just as much as you need to ask questions to your prospects. The more you know, the more ammunition you have to fire at the problems you will encounter when being externally curious with customers.

Have a desire to find out more about yourself, your products, and your company. It will pay off in a sales call soon.