Weekly.3 [11.12.2012]

All my posts this week summarized in 3 sentences:

Enjoy the Challenge...even if you don't get to experience the satisfaction of accomplishement

  1. There are a million accounts out there you want to work with.
  2. Many of them you will work hard on, give it your all, and only get half-way before something comes up and takes you out below the knees.
  3. When you combine the satisfaction of accomplishment with the joy of participating in the challenge, you'll find you are in many more tough situations and that, in many more of them, you are coming out on top.

Failure and Mind Games

  1. Failure is not about doing something wrong, making incorrect choices, missing an obvious roadblock, ignoring advice, poor strategizing, or lack of effort; it's about mind games.
  2. Conquer the mind games, and you conquer failure because you are no longer afraid to fail. 
  3. Don't let the mind games failure brings destroy you when you could use them to propel you to something victory.