Weekly.3 [10.28.2012]

Every post this week summarized in 3 sentences:

Sales Process vs Sales Skill, Pt 4

  1. Effort is involved in Process, so Curiosity and Ability to Make Connections are Sales Skills-related.
  2. I am in favor of coming into a sales call with a list of questions to ask.
  3. Most people don't know how to have a conversation, especially one in which they have to lead the conversation without being the one that talks the most.

Sales Process vs Sales Skill, Pt 5

  1. There is someone who emotionally, spiritually, under-the-radar-ly is a leader.
  2. It is the play of the guy on the field that determines the outcome of the game; your clients just need help making sure they are inspired enough that you win.
  3. Being curious will help you go deeper than any scripted list will.

Sales Process vs Sales Skill, Pt 6

  1. Everyone hates to wait for connections.
  2. Prospects everywhere are waiting to see if there is a connection between their problem and the solution being presented to them.
  3. Spell it out the connection between your solution and their problem in clear and simple language.