Lesson Learned in Snow and Mud


This past weekend I experience one of the greatest days of failure I have ever endured. In the words of my 8 year old son:  Epic Fail.

It started when my wife began (and continues) a workout spree rivaling anything the best infomercial could inspire you to do. She asked me to join her and a couple of her workout buddies in an event call Mud on the Mountain

As you can surmise, this is one of those events where you run a long way and do a bunch of obstacles while covered in mud. Sounded fun. I said yes. Then, this year's superstorm Sandy decided to drop a foot of snow on the course and lower the temperature to a crisp 31 degrees. That wasn't what I signed up for, but hey...if you are going to do something like this, might as well make it a real challenge, right?

In my "genius," I decided I was going to conduct an experiment. I would run the race with no training, just to shove it in the face of all those guys that take this stuff so seriously. You know the type.

Well...it didn't work out quite the way I envisioned it.

As I sat on the ski lift on my way back down to the lodge in complete surrender after only making it through half the race, I started thinking about what I had learned. The lessons kept coming for the next few hours, too, as I had to explain to all my pals why my wife had finished the course like a stud and I had cramped up so hard I couldn't walk, much less finish the race.

This week I wanted to share those lessons with you as they relate to sales:

Stay tuned this week. I'll post my thoughts about each of these lessons learned.