Failure ≠ Endgame

Failure is defined as an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful.

Endgame is defined as the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.


Did you get the difference of those 2 words? 

I figured it out during my epic failure at Mud on the Mountain. I failed in my attempt to run all 7 the freezing cold...soaked to the bone. It wasn't the endgame, though. 

Here's the rub. I could have let it become the endgame. I could have let that failure bleed into more than just that one event. I could have said I was never going to do another race like that, made it seem dumb, minimized the accomplishments of my wife (who finished the race, by the way). Instead I choose to view that day as a failed experiment, as a day of fun, as a learning opportunity.

You need to understand the difference between failure and endgame. Look at the definitions again. Failure refers to one act or one instance. You can stop failure. It isn't a condition of your circumstances; it's just a result of something you tried. You have to view failure as isolated instances. Otherwise, you'll let a string of non-ideal outcomes affect your mindset and trick you into becoming overly conservative, unoriginal, and ineffective. Endgame.

So something blew up in your face? Don't let the shrapnel of failure work its way into your body and result in the endgame of the death of your sales career. Get treated, rehabbed, and back into the battle.