Weekly.3 [11.5.2012]

All this week's post summarized in 3 sentences.

Lessons Learned in Snow and Mud

  1. This past weekend I experience one of the greatest days of failure I have ever endured. 
  2. As I sat on the ski lift on my way back down to the lodge in complete surrender after only making it through half the race, I started thinking about what I had learned.
  3. This week I wanted to share those lessons with you as they relate to sales.

(Try & Die) > (Same & Lame)

  1. Change requires a catalyst.
  2. I'd rather be where I am now, having tried and failed, then be where I was, on my couch and ignorant of where the path would lead.
  3. If you "stay on the couch" rather than try something new, your sales career will be crippled. 

Failure ≠ Endgame

  1. Failure is defined as an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful.
  2. Endgame is defined as the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.
  3. Don't let the shrapnel of failure work its way into your body and result in the endgame of the death of your sales career.