Cliche's Can Be True: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words.

The word "cliche" was invented to give rude people a nice way to say, "DUH!" Here's the thing about people that say "DUH!" (either with grace or without):  since they are already rude, who cares what they have to say. 

Interestingly, to attain Cliche Status, a phrase has to be said over and over again. It must contain an element of truth. The saying must also be able to be related to, instantly understandable Many of the classic cliches we want to blow off so easily actually have a ton of wisdom in them.

In this article on, one of my new Kick Ass Sales Guys, Carmine Gallo, discusses that cliche of cliches; here's a quote that, effectively, says "a picture is worth a thousand words."

[Picture Superiority] simply means that the brain processes information more effectively when the information is presented in pictures and words instead of words alone.
— Carmine Gallo

I love this article because it addresses a different angle of the third part of the Kick Ass Sales Philosophy -- Ability to Make a Connection. Typically, I think that it is my job to make connections for the person in front of me. In today's world, it is so easy to make connections. Just hit the Like button or the Tweet button (I encourage you to do both for this post!). It is all automatic. I am convinced people are losing the ability to make connections as that part of the brain withers away, just like the appendix's usefulness in digesting raw meat

However, we cannot take on every burden as sales professionals; it'll never work if we have to do everything. This article got me thinking about how to make the buyer's responsibilities in the sales call easier. Having a great set of images to back up the sales points you are making is a great way to help people make connections. It communicates with that most basic part of the brain -- the one that doesn't even understand language. When we give people images, their subconscious makes the connection, our verbiage brings it to their conscious mind, and they have their Aha Moment (and we get the sale).

Kick Ass Call to Action:  

Look at your sales call. Find the important points. Distill those points down to an image you can use to communicate the point without saying a word, and work that image into your presentation.