3 Sentences

I was reading a blog on design the other day that had an image of Aunt Jemima syrup  in the post along with a thought-inspiring sentence.

I paused and wondered how many salespeople can explain the importance of what they sell in 3 sentences to the "money guys." Can they explain why their product is the best in 3 sentences? Can they share 3 believable and informative sentences explaining why a prospect should consider using their product?

I wondered if I could to that myself!

Don't leave this post until you have taken a couple minutes to think about these questions yourself. 

Here's the truth -- you won't watch a YouTube video if it is longer than 3 minutes (that's a cold, hard fact). There are TONS of awesome articles you don't even think about reading (no matter how alluring the headline is) because they look too long. You probably looked to see how long this post was, and it wouldn't surprise me if many of you didn't even make it this far because it was "too much to read."

We have to adapt to the world we live in. People want short, meaningful, informative, believable soundbites. 

Back to the image. Did you read the small print at the bottom? Are your prospects' eyes glazed over? Are your customers'? Ouch.