Phenomenon vs Principle

I heard Dr. John Polis speak at some meetings this weekend. He was full of wisdom and practical advise. One of the many things that caught my attention was, over time, there are really only 2 reasons why things happen: phenomenon and principle.

Phenomenoa are miracles, Hail Mary's, one-in-a-million events. There is nothing you did to make them happen, and there isn't much you could have done to screw them up.

Principles are underlying beliefs which give you the work ethic, commitment, patience, and process to make something happen. Everything counts on you consistently acting upon those principles to get results.

Dr. Polis' point: Don't count on phenomena. Be thankful they occur, but know what your principles are and apply them every day.

In sales, we need to be doubly sure we are aware of these two creators of results. Trying to replicate phenomena will lead only to frustration, wasted time, and poor results. By definition, the cause of a phenomenon is unclear and therefore impossible to duplicate. If you can't re-create the cause, you'll be hard pressed to re-create the effect.

Principles may not be as exciting, but they always lead to long-term successes. You can continually work principles to get results. They are that limitless supply of potential into which you can tap by merely applying a little discipline, action, and belief.