Bruce Lee Kung Fu Sales

I saw this image on the internet a few days ago and it caught my attention. It made me think for a second.  

Before reading this, I valued cups based on what they contained. I had not consciously decided that was how I would value cups, but it was the incorrect postulate under which I was operating. If the cup is full, it's potential is limited by what is inside it. When a cup is empty, its usefulness is limitless (if you have kids and seen them use your cups as plates, sandbox toys, megaphones, hats, shoes, pyramid building blocks, etc., I know you get what I am saying!).

From a sales perspective, how often do we value what we are doing by the results they yield? It's a cause and effect evaluation, i.e. limiting the cup by what is in it. We know results are king, and we do not want to continue doing things that do not yield results. However, it is easy to incorrectly assign an effect to a cause. Sometimes, an effect is the product of a momentum of causes, and that momentum is lessened when you remove an individual action. 

When you develop a good sales process filled with many sales activities, remember:  

The usefulness of a sales activity, is its execution.  

It's not about finding that one magic cup/activity that will get you the sale. It's through consistent execution results are earned.